Are You Planning to Lay a New Lawn?

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A lawn is an essential part of many properties. No-one likes to look out of their window and be confronted by a view of mud or dirt all the time. You could pave the entire exterior of your home or lay concrete over everything, but is that really the right solution? Concrete or paving may feel like an easy, low-maintenance solution, but laying a lawn offers many more possibilities in the longer term.

5 January 2021

Have You Thought About Using Jet Ski Pontoons?

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When you want to spend an action-packed time in the water then riding jet skis is a great way to fill an afternoon. Once they are in the water then there is not much that can compete with the fun of riding a jet ski, but the problem that many people have with jet skis is mounting them at the start of your riding session and bringing them back to land once you have finished with them.

27 October 2020

Why Spring Is The Perfect Time For Sprinkler Installation

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Nobody enjoys having to water the garden on a regular basis, especially in Australia where the heat in summer ensures that this is almost a daily requirement. Standing out there, holding a hose and slowly moving around what can be several hundred square feet is quite a tedious task for even the most ardent green thumb. However, there is an easy way to automate this process through the use of sprinklers.

12 August 2020

How to Choose Awnings That Weather Well

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If you put an awning outside your home, then you expect some protection against the sun, rain and wind. For example, a patio awning will protect you and your outdoor furniture from UV-ray damage; it'll also keep you dry in a rain shower. This primary protection is important. However, you also need to think about how the awning itself stands up to being out in all weathers. This is especially important if you install a fixed awning that doesn't retract when you aren't using it.

5 June 2020

Three Important Precautions for Using a Pallet Racking System

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Pallet racking systems are designed for optimal performance in harsh warehouses and other industrial settings. In addition, these structures are built using the best materials to promote sturdiness and durability. However, this does not mean that the racks are infallible. If the systems are not handled properly, there will be risk of damage. This could lead to injuries and general losses. Here are simple precautions for promoting safety when using your pallet racking systems.

26 March 2020

Do You Know How to Care for a Garden Bore?

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Water bores are a great way to pump water out of the ground for a wide variety of purposes. In rural areas, they are frequently used to provide water for agricultural purposes and even for use around the home to run toilets, showers and washing machines. In an urban environment, it is common for water bores to be more restricted but they are still useful for many people. What are garden water bores?

31 January 2020

Three Unique Gift Ideas This Christmas

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Christmas is an amazing time of year, with most offices taking time off, families getting to reconnect and many sporting and festive activities happening across the country. However, for those that have to keep finding new gifts for one another, it can get quite challenging after many years. After all, there are only so many books and vouchers you can get somebody before it begins to get old. Here are a few unique gift ideas you should think about for your friends and family this year.

17 December 2019