Three Unique Gift Ideas This Christmas

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Christmas is an amazing time of year, with most offices taking time off, families getting to reconnect and many sporting and festive activities happening across the country. However, for those that have to keep finding new gifts for one another, it can get quite challenging after many years. After all, there are only so many books and vouchers you can get somebody before it begins to get old. Here are a few unique gift ideas you should think about for your friends and family this year.

Hydroponics System

The perfect gift for the traditional green thumb, a hydroponics system will allow them to follow their passion but in a completely new way. Hydroponics systems give you control over every part of the plant-growing process because there is often no soil, so you choose the nutrients to pump into the system, the amount of light the plants receive and the temperature. In this regard, hydroponics is sort of a futuristic and wholly contained method of gardening, and you can see some amazing and quick results through it. All you need is a simple hydroponics kit, some water and some nutrients, and you are good to go. 

Concert Tickets

While tangible items are great for immediate gratification, giving the gift of an experience can be a totally unique and greatly appreciated Christmas present. Often people give two tickets so that the person receiving them can choose someone to take with them and enjoy the concert with. When buying concert tickets, remember these tips:

  • Smaller concerts give a more personal and intimate vibe and are often cheaper.
  • Find an artist that the person receiving the gift will like (go through their music or even just ask them).
  • Make sure to organise all the transport beforehand so they don't have to worry.
  • Consider getting them something from the merchandise stand (factor that into the gift's overall price).

If you are lucky, they will pick you, and you will get to enjoy the concert too!

Coffee Machine

Millions of Australians love coffee, but it can be an expensive habit to maintain. One way of reducing your overall spending on coffee is to start making it at home, but pot coffee is not to everyone's taste, and instant coffee doesn't provide the same taste as espresso-based coffee. A simple coffee machine can last for years and may be very affordable, especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas. 


17 December 2019

Making the Most of a Business Opportunity

Hello, my name is Ken and I will be dedicating this blog to the subject of how to get the most out of a business opportunity. I am not a professional businessman, but I have been lucky enough to find myself in a situation where I had the chance to learn a lot about business. It all started when I was hanging out with my brother-in-law and drinking a few beers. I was saying how I would look to open a fishing supplies shop and he told me I would need to learn a thing or two about business before I began chasing my dream. I wasn't so sure, but I accepted an invitation to shadow him while he worked on his business. I learnt so much that I decided I should share it here.