Why Spring Is The Perfect Time For Sprinkler Installation

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Nobody enjoys having to water the garden on a regular basis, especially in Australia where the heat in summer ensures that this is almost a daily requirement. Standing out there, holding a hose and slowly moving around what can be several hundred square feet is quite a tedious task for even the most ardent green thumb. However, there is an easy way to automate this process through the use of sprinklers. All you need to do is take the plunge and have them installed, and there is no better time than the spring months to get this installation started.

Why Do You Need Sprinklers?

Sprinkler systems have come a long way in the last few decades, and now you can get some extremely advanced options that allow you to customise your needs down to the tiniest of details. Sprinkler systems can also save you money in the long run by reducing your water usage by being more efficient with the land that they cover, not to mention the time they will save you from standing out in the hot sun. If you like gardening, then save your time for more important or interesting jobs and allow an automated sprinkler system to cover the most mundane one.

Why Is Spring The Best Time For Sprinkler Installation?

Spring is the perfect time for sprinkler installation for several reasons such as:

  • The ground isn't as hard as it is in winter, which means that the sprinkler system is quicker to install (which saves you money).
  • It is not as hot as it will be in summer, which means the contractors themselves won't get too hot installing your system, meaning they go quicker. 
  • There is not as big a rush in the pre-summer months.
  • You can still find great deals from sprinkler installation companies before the frantic summer months.

Can You Complete The Sprinkler Installation Yourself?

Not only is this an unwise idea, but it is one that could result in a broken sprinkler system and a chopped up lawn. Sprinkler installation is a very precise job that needs to be custom-fit to each and every garden so that the sprinklers are actually useful. Even if the best-case scenario pans out and you install the sprinklers without ruining the lawn, odds are you will have spaced them out imperfectly and some areas of your garden will get too much water and some will get too little. Allowing an expert control over the installation means that you get a great result every single time. 

To get help with sprinkler installation, contact an irrigation company in your area.


12 August 2020

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