Do You Know How to Care for a Garden Bore?

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Water bores are a great way to pump water out of the ground for a wide variety of purposes. In rural areas, they are frequently used to provide water for agricultural purposes and even for use around the home to run toilets, showers and washing machines. In an urban environment, it is common for water bores to be more restricted but they are still useful for many people.

What are garden water bores?

Garden bores are essentially small water bores which draw from shallow groundwater reserves. They are frequently placed in urban areas which have a scheme connection. They use groundwater to help maintain gardens and domestic lawns, so they are commonly attached to a garden irrigation controller.

Making responsible use of your garden bore

Like all water bores, your garden bore will provide valuable water supplies from the ground. Most garden bores rely on precious shallow groundwater reserves to function, so it is important that you understand the correct ways to use your garden bore to make the most effective use of the available water. Perhaps the most obvious way you can ensure that the water from the bore is well used is by only watering your garden at cooler times of the day when the water is less likely to evaporate. You should also ensure that you only use the water you actually need and avoid over-watering. Despite taking your water from water bores rather than the tap, you will still need to comply with all water-use restrictions when they are in place.

The other way you can limit your use of bore water is by consciously planning your garden so that it uses less water. Carefully select your garden plants to pick the varieties that are least thirsty so that you need to water less frequently.

Taking care of your garden water bores

One of the most important things you can do to help maintain your water bores is to keep proper records. When the bore is first established, you should have ensured that the correct pump was fitted. You must keep records of the pump size and expected pump rate. In your bore log, you should have recorded the details of the pump being used as well as the depth of the bore and the composition of the soil. Once the bore is operational, you must keep the bore and the external housing clean and safe. It can help to work with an irrigation specialist to ensure that your water bores are correctly set up and functioning as expected. They will be able to advise you on bore operation and help you to avoid all common problems, such as over-pumping.


31 January 2020

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