How to Choose Awnings That Weather Well

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If you put an awning outside your home, then you expect some protection against the sun, rain and wind. For example, a patio awning will protect you and your outdoor furniture from UV-ray damage; it'll also keep you dry in a rain shower.

This primary protection is important. However, you also need to think about how the awning itself stands up to being out in all weathers. This is especially important if you install a fixed awning that doesn't retract when you aren't using it.

What useful weatherproofing features should you look for?

Resistance to Sun Damage

The longer an awning stands out in the sun, the more likely it is to get damaged. On a basic level, constant sun exposure can fade the awning's original colour. This can make it look washed-out or patchy.

As time passes, the sun can also damage some fabrics. It dries them out to such an extent that the fabric starts to get brittle. It might start to crack, fray and tear if it reaches this state. Once you get this kind of damage, you'll probably have to replace the fabric or the awning itself.

If you buy awnings that have solid UV resistance, then they won't just protect you from the sun. Their materials also get additional protection.

This protection, whether it is manufactured into the fabric or added as a coating, helps protect the awning. It can deflect some of the sun's rays.

It's also worth looking at products that have guarantees against colour fading. Some manufacturers use specialist pigmentation and colourisation techniques to lock the colour into their awnings more effectively.

Resistance to Water Damage

Basic waterproofing can keep the rain off you and your outdoor area. However, this isn't always enough to protect an awning in the long-term from water damage.

if the awning gets wet or damp, then the material may start to rot. It may become a good home for mould and mildew. This doesn't look good, and the awning may start to degrade.

Plus, if you live close to the ocean, then saltwater spray can do extra damage. It can eat away at the material on awnings and leave unsightly salt stains.

It's worth looking at products that have strong water, moisture and humidity resistance. Anti-fungal coatings are also useful. If you live by the coast, then choose materials that can cope with salt in the water and the air.

To find out more ways to protect your awning from the weather, ask awning suppliers like Sunmaster Australia for advice.


5 June 2020

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