Is Your Home Private Enough?

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Do you value your privacy? The world is a busy place, and it can seem like there is always someone watching everything you do. If you live near a busy road, the constant stream of people looking in your windows can feel intrusive. If you want to keep prying eyes out of your private space, there are several options open to you. You might think about keeping the curtains drawn, fitting wooden shutters, or installing roller blinds. Let's look at each of these possibilities in turn.

Drawing the curtains 

Drawing the curtains is the most obvious solution when you want to stop people looking in, but it isn't always successful. When you draw curtains, it is easy to allow a gap to remain in the middle of the curtains or for a gap to be showing at the edges, if the curtains don't fully cover the window.

Fitting wooden shutters 

Shutters will cover the whole window and prevent curious people from watching you go about your private business, but wooden shutters introduce other problems. Perhaps, the greatest inconvenience with wooden shutters is that they must be opened and closed from outside the property, which is rarely convenient, especially if the weather is inclement.

Installing roller blinds

Roller blinds can overcome the primary disadvantages of both curtains and shutters. While roller blinds can be mounted on the outside of your property, they can be controlled remotely, so you can adjust the blinds to whatever position you want without leaving the comfort of your home. Additionally, if you combine your blind control with your smart-home technology, you can have voice-activated roller blinds that you can move up and down while sitting on your sofa or lying in bed. Roller blinds can also completely cover any window, ensuring that there isn't a crack through which the inside of your property can be seen. Total coverage is often achieved by locking the roller blinds into tracks along the edges of the blind so that they will not move even if the weather is windy.

Are there any other benefits offered by roller blinds?

Privacy isn't the only advantage that comes with roller blinds. Just as significant as privacy is light control. Controlling the amount of light that enters your property is vital. If there is too much glare, you will struggle to see clearly without squinting. Too much light can also damage furnishings and even cause health problems. Roller blinds allow you to let in as little or as much light as you desire.


29 November 2021

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