5 Tips for Choosing Indoor Blinds

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Indoor blinds are both a decor item and utilitarian must-have. The right blinds look nice while allowing you to enjoy privacy and light control in your home.

1. Budget

Budget is likely the main determining factor when it comes to blinds options. Fortunately, there is a wide range of styles and materials available at most price points. Roman blinds are often one of the more budget-friendly options, and you can find them in multiple colours and in fabric or vinyl materials. Aluminium and vinyl Venetian blinds are another budget-friendly option that comes in a variety of colours to match your decor. 

2. Design Needs

Consider the main purpose of the blinds. Are they to block light, provide privacy or simply dress up a room? Some blinds, like honeycomb blinds, provide optimum privacy and energy efficiency, but they let in lots of natural light. Others, like Roman blinds, can provide light-blocking features and privacy but don't provide much insulation. 

3. Efficiency

For homes without insulated windows, indoor blinds are an excellent way to improve the energy efficiency of the windows without investing in new glass. Although honeycomb blinds are considered the epitome of energy-efficient window coverings, there are other options. If the main goal is to block the heat of the sun, for example, any type of blind with a reflective outward-facing side can increase efficiency and save on cooling costs. Some fabric blinds and shades also come in multi-layered styles that are designed to provide some insulation on the window. 

4. Ease of Use

Operation methods can vary depending on the blinds you choose. Some have pull cords, while others are operated by wands that you twist. There are even motorised blinds that are controlled by a switch, remote control, or even a phone app. The key is to choose blinds that are easy and convenient for your own use, as well as for others in your household. 

5. Safety

Never overlook safety when it comes to your choice in window coverings. If you have small children or pets, then opt for blinds that don't have cords and that are designed in a manner so that one can't become tangled within them. You may also want to avoid aluminium Venetian blinds, as the edges can be sharp and cause injury — particularly to pets that may try to chew the blinds. 

Indoor blinds can really improve the look and function of the windows in your home. 


13 July 2021

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