Why Your Business's Distribution And Warehousing Needs Should Be Handled By A Third Party

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If you have ventured into the business of manufacturing products for sale, whether locally or globally, you need to figure out a way to reach your target demographic as quickly as possible. A blunder some people new to the product industry make is assuming that as long as their goods are of the highest quality, then they will automatically make a profit. A key element to pushing profits, though, for your company is ensuring that the logistics of distributing and warehousing your goods are efficient. If you have not yet considered hiring a third party to take care of this end of the business, read on to learn why your business needs them for both distribution and warehousing.

Cost efficiency

A surprising benefit of hiring third-party logistics services to handle the distribution and warehousing of your products is the cost efficiency that these service providers will give your business. If you are new to the product industry, you are likely unaware of the expenses you will incur when you choose to handle the logistics yourself. For starters, you will have to acquire warehouse space, which can be expensive irrespective of how much space your products will take. Second, you will have to hire as well as train staff in the proper handling of your products to minimise the risk of loss due to poor handling. Not to mention the renting or purchase of trucks and more.

A third-party service, on the other hand, specialises in all these intricate details. They will already have warehouse space available and professional staff for both inventory and distribution. Moreover, these service providers are always ready to accommodate a growing business rather than making you look for more warehouse space, more trucks and so on.


No two businesses are the same. And even when you both manufacture the same products and have distribution needs, it is unlikely that you will have the same logistics for either distribution or warehousing. If you are new to handling these logistics, it can be challenging to know how best to do it with a long trial-and-error period. While you are learning what mistakes to avoid, you will not have made the most of sales, which, in turn, translates into poor profits.

A third party specialising in business distribution, on the other hand, will already have various options in place to help customise your distribution and warehousing needs to best suit your business. For instance, the service provider can reconfigure your delivery routes to ensure that your products are delivered at the shortest time possible. Furthermore, since they have experience in warehousing, they will know how best to package your products to ensure maximum efficiency when they are shipped.

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23 September 2019

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