Answering Commonly Asked Questions About Geotechnical Engineering

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Geotechnical engineering is understanding soil, rocks, underground water, and the structural conditions of the project. It is the role of geotechnical engineers to do the planning and designing of structures in building roads, canals, embankments, and other projects in construction. Aside from knowing what geotechnical engineering is, there are other questions that people ask about it. Those who have construction projects need to know more about it to successfully make the plan happen as expected. Here are the most commonly asked questions about geotechnical engineering:

Why Do You Need the Geotechnical Report?

The geotechnical report is prepared by the engineer because it is important for the designing and planning of the project. They will also say if it is feasible or not. Geotechnical engineering helps to oversee the project and how it can be constructed. This part is crucial because it will tell you if the project can be finished.

What Does Multi-Disciplinary Mean in Geotechnical Engineering?

It means that in geotechnical engineering, you are expected to have knowledge in a number of fields. This includes structural engineering, ocean engineering, material science, and petroleum engineering. You are going to deal with a variety of complex research data. Moreover, engineers are known to be technicians, scientists, and mathematicians.

Is There a Connection Between Geotechnical Engineering and Risk Management?

Yes, because if there is a loss of ground control because the poor geotechnical conditions were not considered during the planning and designing stage, failures may happen. For instance, in mining, there could be slope failures, uncontrolled caving, rock bursts, seismic events, and more. If there are any delays because of geotechnical failures, it can affect revenue and interrupt with planning activities.

What Does Geotechnical Investigation Mean?

This is also a geotechnical survey, which is about the assessment of the site's physical properties in determining if it can be safely used. It should be performed prior to land development or redevelopment. The geotechnical engineering survey has to be done after the occurrence of an earthquake or if there are cracks that emerged. Its main purpose is to give assurance that it is safe to build on that land.

In Geotechnical Terms, What Is the G-force?

It reports the rock mass quality and the number could range from poor to good. This is an important consideration in deciding if the land can be built on or not. These questions will lead you to the right path in realising why geotechnical engineering is needed in construction projects.


29 March 2019

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