Office Improvement: Three Critical Tips for Choosing the Perfect Commercial Blinds

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Window blinds can change the appearance, ambience and performance of the office space. Unfortunately, they are highly undervalued during commercial fit-outs and interior renovations. In most cases, business owners and office managers choose the most convenient option for their applications. If you are interested in revamping your commercial space, you should consider looking beyond the ordinary window coverings and choosing bolder blinds for optimal performance and appeal. Here are some crucial tips to help you select the best commercial blinds for your office.

Consider Light Control

When choosing your blinds, you should think about the level of light control that you would like to have in your office space. The right level of control will depend on issues such as the orientation of the building and the purpose of the space. For example, if your office is facing east or west, you will need to look for blinds which reduce sunlight infiltration significantly. Also, if your space is used for conferences or has multiple computer screens, you will need to cut the sunlight to minimise the glare.

You should compare the capabilities of different products before settling on the most suitable. If you would like to cut light completely, you can install blackout roller blinds. You can prevent glare while allowing sunlight flow by using light filtering or sunscreen fabric. If you prefer blinds which will ensure optimal flexibility, you should choose a blind style with operable tilting blinds. You can decide to block out light or open them for brightness when the weather is fair.

Improve Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is an important issue to consider when purchasing office blinds. In general, if you install blinds with the ability to reduce heat exchange across the windows, you will reduce the heating and cooling expenses for your business. Moreover, it is important to note that energy efficient commercial spaces are environmentally-friendly. You should inquire about the thermal insulation performance characteristics of your preferred blinds. You should compare the capabilities of different products before finding the best match.

Choose Bolder Colours

Finally, you should select the best colour and blind style to enhance the aesthetics of the space. Most business owners opt for neutral shades and minimalist designs. However, you should not conform to the norms. You should consider bolder colours which match your company image and culture. For example, if your corporate culture promotes a culture-rich and vibrant air, you could install Roman or vertical blinds with patterned designs or a solid, striking hue.

Check with a blind manufacturer to see which blinds match your needs best.


23 January 2018

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