How to Make Sure That You Choose a Fishing Charter That Is Just Right for You

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If you are on a first time visit to Australia and you are an avid fisherman, you simply have to consider a fishing charter, as these are some of the best and most productive waters in the world. The good news is that there are a lot of options, but you'll want to ask yourself a number of questions before you pick up the phone and make a booking. What do you need to consider?

Choose Locally

Firstly, try to choose a charter that is fairly close to your hotel or accommodation, especially if you plan an early-morning getaway. Traffic can be very busy in or around the big cities and you don't want to get up in the middle of the night in order to get to your departure point on time, if you can help it.

What's Your Poison?

Secondly, determine what type of fishing trip you're looking for as once again, there is a great deal of choice. You can afford to be very selective and pick the right solution, whether you prefer an inshore trip or a reef charter.

Allocated Time

While you are at it, choose how long you want to be on the water. Some charters offer you just a couple of hours, while others allocate a full day, or alternatively you might fancy a night charter. Remember, the longer you allocate the better the chance that you will come away with a good haul.

Species Specific

Australian waters are stocked with an amazing variety of fish and you need to target the charter that will focus on your preferred species. You also need to tell the charter company or the captain how "hungry" you are for a good catch, as if you intend to stock a freezer with some tasty fish, this will require some extra planning ahead of time.

Boat Rating

It's very important for you to discuss your potential trip in some detail before you book it, to be sure that you are going to be on the right type of boat. If you'd love to be out in the deep sea, then you have to make sure that the charter boat in question is rated for this type of activity.

Group Fun?

Finally, decide whether you want to be part of a bigger group or you want to keep the experience to yourselves. It's certainly great to be among others who share your passion, but remember that if you suddenly get a big bite then you may not be the one to haul it in, if you're not next to the reel at that moment.

Making the Booking

Once you've decided your priorities, chat to the charter company to make sure that everything is a good fit.


22 November 2017

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