5 Items You Need If You Want Guests to Swim Near Your Jetty

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If you have a waterfront property and you put in a jetty, a pontoon, a dock or a similar structure, you may want to be able to swim from that structure. To make the experience as fun and as safe as possible, you may want to invest in a few accessories. Here are a few essentials you may want to consider.

1. Diving Board

If you have sufficient depth for diving to be safe, consider attaching a diving board to your jetty. That can be fun for people of all ages, and it also makes it easier to jump away from the jetty. You don't have to worry about people hitting the sides as they jump in.

2. Slide

In some cases, the depth may not be enough to accommodate diving, but that doesn't mean you can't make entering the water fun. Consider attaching a slide to your jetty. You can put in a metal or plastic slide, or if you want something less permanent, you may want to consider an inflatable slide.

If you really want to have fun, consider putting in a water slide. Basically, this has a pump that takes water from the around the jetty and carries it up to the top of the slide. Then, the water gets released down the slide.

3. Buoys and Ropes

Want to control where people swim around your jetty? Then, consider putting in a series of buoys. The buoys are attached by chains to concrete anchors that sit at the bottom of the water around your jeety. Then, you enclose the area with a series of ropes stretching between each buoy. You can move them as desired.

4. Storage

If people are swimming from your jetty, you may want storage for some swimming gear. You can put personal flotation devices, first aid kits and other safety equipment in your storage areas, but you can also put items that are just for having fun such as inflatable rafts or water wings for kids. Finally, you may want storage for towels as well.

5. Seating

Not all your guests will want to be swimming all the time. So that people can kick back and relax, you may want some seating on your jetty. On the simple and easy end of the spectrum, consider going for storage benches that double as seating. Otherwise, get a little more comfortable with lots of reclining lounge chairs under a sunshade. 


3 August 2017

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