Providing the Right Workwear for Warehouse Stock Handlers

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Working in a warehouse is not one of the most dangerous jobs out there, but it does come with certain risks and hazards.

Stock handlers are on the front line of the warehouse work force, so they're the ones most likely to be injured if they're not properly protected at work. Because of this risk, it's important to provide them with the right workwear to keep them safe.

Here's a guide to the items warehouse stock handlers should wear, so you can make sure you're fulfilling your duty to keep your employees safe and healthy. Just remember to also account for any unique hazards in your particular working environment that might not be covered by these items.

Hard hat

Warehouse stock handlers are unlikely to need a hard hat all the time, but they should have one available for use when it's needed. Working around forklifts and other machinery causes a risk of head injuries, as does working at height, so employees should protect their heads in these situations.

Cotton cargo pants

Cotton is lightweight and breathable, so it helps keep people comfortable while they work. Choosing a thicker fabric helps resist scrapes and scratches, and cargo pants have lots of pocket space for carrying essential tools and items during work.

Polo shirt

Polo shirts are widely-used pieces of workwear, mainly because they can smarten up an employee's appearance whilst simultaneously being comfortable and easy to wear. Short sleeves help the wearer stay cool, and the breathable material improves airflow.


Having some overalls to throw on over other clothes is a good idea for working in dirty or dusty conditions. They can also provide extra protection against abrasions and scratches.

Manual handling gloves

In handling roles, the hands are one of the body parts most likely to be injured. Apart from injuries, hands can also just become dry and chapped when handling boxes all day. Suitable gloves are thick enough to protect but light enough to make movement easy, with a rubberised palm for extra grip.

Protective footwear

Boots or shoes are suitable, as long as they have a steel toe-cap to protect the toes if anything is dropped on them. A good gripping sole is also important for working on smooth warehouse floors.

High-visibility jacket

If employees ever need to work in low light, a high-vis jacket is a must. This is especially the case on loading bays or wherever there are vehicles and machinery.


29 July 2017

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