Questions You Might Have About a Glycol System in Your Business

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A glycol system is most often used in restaurants and pubs that serve draft beer, or beer on tap. The actual keg of that beer is often stored in a room far away from the tap, and the beer is run through hoses when the tap is opened. The glycol system runs in a hose next to the beer, and may also circulate around the keg, keeping the beer cool as it travels to the tap. If you're opening a new restaurant or are thinking of adding draft beer to your menu, note a few questions you might have about glycol itself, and this system in general.

What is glycol?

Glycol is a type of antifreeze; the glycol that is in your car's radiator is ethylene glycol, which is toxic and should never be consumed. Propylene glycol is nontoxic, and is used in the food industry.

It's vital to know this difference and ensure you're using the right type of glycol in your system; even though the hoses that contain glycol should always keep it contained, you still need to use a nontoxic variety in any food setting, just in case of contamination. Also, using the wrong type of glycol in your system can mean having it break down easily, gum up that system, or otherwise fail to operate as expected. Always use the type of food-grade propylene glycol recommended for your system to avoid risk of contamination and the risk of damage to your system.

Can glycol work with any type of piping?

While glycol can usually work with any type of piping, some materials may react with the type of glycol you use and cause it to break down over time. Most glycol systems will come in a kit, so it can be good to buy these instead of trying to create a glycol system yourself with makeshift pipes and pumps to ensure it works optimally and that the glycol doesn't break down sooner than expected.

Is a chiller still needed with a glycol system?

The glycol system is used to keep beer cold while it travels through the hoses from the keg to the tap, but this system is usually not strong enough to actually cool beer to the desired temperature. You may still need a chiller or some type of cool room for proper storage of your beer kegs to keep that beer cool enough for drinking and to ensure it doesn't become spoiled while it's still in storage.

Contact a company that offers glycol system maintenance for more information.


12 October 2017

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